Composting made easy

We pick up your food scraps and turn it into compost. Together we protect our planet
composting made easy



Everyone deserves the opportunity to divert food scraps and be able to make a difference. We will conveniently pick up your food scraps from your home


Restaurants who compost are able to divert up to 80% of their waste from landfills. Saving you money on waste pickups and making your business more sustainable

Groceries Stores

Groceries stores now have an alternative to reduce their impact to the environment, support their community and compost their food waste. We have the right program for you and help you achieve zero waste goals.


A Few Words About Us

We are a composting community initiative in Miami, offering a compost pickup service. Composting in Miami has never been easier now that we offer this service. Our goal is to reduce environmental impact by diverting food waste from landfills, and recycle it into high quality soil to create a sustainable cycle. Currently we are servicing all zip codes in Miami Dade county.

support your community

Why adopt a compost program?

Reduce Methane Gas Emissions

Diverting food waste from landfills reduces methane gas emissions. By composting you are eliminating the emissions of the Methane Gas, which is 21 times more potent than CO2.

Food Waste goes back to the soil

Compost adds needed organic matter to soil, prevents soil erosion, sequesters carbon in soil, improves plant growth, reduce water use by 10%, and reduces reliance on chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Affordable Pricing

On average more than 50% of the garbage is compostable. We will offer you best pricing, reducing your waste management cost and help you marketing your business to sustainable conscious consumers 

Start composting today

Start making a difference for our community, the environment and our planet. Drop us a message and we will be contacting you shortly.