Compost For Life

Bulk Compost (Minimum order 6 cubic yards) $45 per cubic yard

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Naturally rich in essential nutrients 

Moisture retaining

Conditions and revives soil

Reduce the need for pesticides

Main ingredients - Food Scraps and Yard Trims (No animal proteins)

How to use:

For New Plantings:

- Work soil 4 to 5 inches

- Apply 1/4 inch

- Blend Compost into soil

- Plant and Water

For existing lawns and garden beds:

- Evenly sprinkle 1/4 inch of compost over area

- Gently rake compost into soil and/or lawn

- Add water until moist

Minimum order for bulk is 6 cubic yards

Miami Dade Delivery Fee $100 anywhere 

Broward Delivery Fee $120 anywhere