What is compost ?

Compost is the sustainable, recycled, nutrient rich soil amendment product of decomposed organic waste.

What is Composting ?

Composting is the process by which organic material - yard scraps, food scraps, etc. - is made into soil, rather than thrown in the trash and eventually sent to a landfill. By doing so, we are able to create more nutrient-rich soil and reduce our reliance on landfills, which are quickly filling up and emitting greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Why should I compost?

Key Benefits about composting: 

  1. - When you compost your are giving back to nutrients to the soil, staying in balance with our environment
  2. - When you divert your food scraps from ending in landfills, you are avoiding the production of Methane gas (Green house gas 21x more potent that CO2)
  3. - You will be supporting local farmers and reducing the need to herbicides and pesticides
  4. - Compost has the ability to store carbon instead of being release into the atmosphere, preventing global warming
  5. - Compost can absorb water reducing the risk of flooding
  6. - Composting is so rich in nutrient that it is a soil admentment that can rescue eroded land so it can become fertil again

Every year, Miami Dade produces enough organic material to fill multiple Marlins Park. Diverting compostable material places less pressure on our landfills, which are slowly running out of space. By contrast, composting takes nutrient-rich material, accelerates its breakdown, returns it to nature, helping to grow trees, gardens, and crops.

You want to reduce your carbon footprint. Compost provides carbon sequestration.In other words, composting will help capture carbon dioxide, helping you reduce your carbon footprint. If you want to learn more, please visit the link to EPA website here.

You like saving money. By composting food scraps and other compostable material, you greatly reduce the amount of material going into your trash dumpster. This means a reduction in frequency of trash pickups, saving you money.

What material do you accept?

Fuits,Veggies, Eggshells, Breads (no sugars), Clam Shells, Pastas, Grains, Rice, Cereal, Legume, Peanuts, Pistachios, Brown Paper, Non-Glossy paper, Paper Towels, Coffee grounds, filters and tea bags. 

Please make sure to remove small stickers from fruits, rubber bands, no plastics bags. You can use compostable bags as liners. 

What happens to my compost material?

We help turn ALL of our organic material back into soil at a local farm in Cutler Bay, FL, where it is processed for 4 - 6 months. After the process is complete we donate to local farmers, also our subcribers get 50 lbs bag every six months that can be used for their garden and/or landcaping. We also offer finished compost for sale and deliver directly to your home. 

What happens if I put the wrong material in my bin?

Our drivers are trained to spot contamination and remove it from the compost stream. If contamination is noted during service our driver will remove the contaminant and you will receive an email and a physical tag on your bin to let you know what was not compostable in your bin and why. If the contamination is severe, our driver may deem your bin unserviceable. If contamination is ongoing with no improvement, contamination fees may be assessed.

Can I share a bin with my neighbor?

We have no issue with bin sharing but will only accept payment from ONE person, which is the location where the bin is kept. Contamination issues and schedule changes will only be communicated to this one person.

Compost pickup frequency?

We come by every week or every other week. You can select your preffered program during registration. You will be able to skip service directly through your compost portal account at portal.compostforlifemiami.com

How do I get my finished compost bag?

As part of our program you have the option to claim your free compost bag every 6 months. Follow these steps:

1.Go to your compost portal at portal.compostforlifemiami.com

2. log in

3. Go to shop, and look for free 50 lbs compost bag and add it to your cart

4. Complete the steps for order submission and we will deliver it to your doorstep next service day. 

If you do not claim your free compost bag, we will donate it to a local farmer in the redlands. 

Can I see how many Lbs. of food scraps I have diverted from landfills?

Yes, abosolutely! We track every pound of food scraps your divert from landfills and your postiive impact into the environment.  Go to portal.compostforlifemiami.com and log in. You will see in your dashboard the total amount you have diverted and the difference you our your business is making.